Astroxian Edit

Trennet (verb) Edit


From high-astroxian trevnjit, "to find". Assumed to come from low latin tropare, "create, discover"

Conjugation Edit

Person Present Future Past Imperative Past participle
trenno trennil trental n/a trennok
trennas trennis trentas treno
Li/lea/lot trennat trennit trentat n/a
trennitas trenniras trentinas trennuns
trennito trenniro trentino trenito
Liant/liont trennont trennirent trentinent n/a

1) (intransitive) To be located, to be found, to be :

O trennat den nētta pica ? Where are the restrooms ?

2) (transitive) To contain, to have :

Lot trennat net boutelt. This contains bottles.

Derivates Edit

trengaret : to find, to locate, to move something to somewhere

trenrenet : to have been found, to have been at