(Pronounciation: [rʌs])


In Conlangs Edit

Glosa, Glisa : glosa. From Greek glossa

Lingua: in Interlingua, Esperanto, Lfn (Lingua Franca Nova)

Sabirnuovo : Limba, sabir Ræs (Highly Irregular)

  1. (Comparable)
    Eng: Inferior, Adjective which gives its corresponding word the attribute of being inferior to others.
Table for the basic form Singular Plural
Masculine Rai Ræmi
Feminine Ræia Rokæ
Mechanoid Ræna Reme
Table for the comparative form Singular Plural
Masculine Raki Remai
Feminine Ra Rene
Mechanoid Rii Ro

The superlative is formed by giving the comparative form the prefix 'ma-'.