Keltsvian[edit | edit source]

Pronounciation[edit | edit source]

(Pronunciation: [])

Etymology[edit | edit source]

From Proto-Indo-European *pḷnamaí (approach).

Noun[edit source]

Plinamaj (Regular)

  1. (Countable)

  1. Eng: Approach
    Eng: Stalk
Declension of plinamaj
Singular Plural
Nominative plinamaj plinamajhi
Accusative plinamaj plinamajhi
Dative plinamaám plinamajham
Ablative apo plinamaj apo plinamajhi
Genitive plinama plinamajh
Causative and temative plinamajsos plinamajhisos
Comitative and instrumental plinamaámi plinamajhami
Lative ana plinamaj ana plinamajhi
Locative and temporary en plinamaj en plinamajhi
Privative plinamajs plinamajhis

Derived words[edit | edit source]

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