Keltsvian[edit | edit source]

Pronounciation[edit | edit source]

(Pronunciation: [pisk])

Etymology[edit | edit source]

From Proto-Indo-European *piskis (fish).

Noun[edit source]

Pisg (Regular)

  1. (Countable)

  1. Eng: Fish
    Eng: Pisces

It has 2 meanings:

  • Animal.
  • A person who is skilled at swimming.
Declension of pisg
Singular Plural
Nominative pisg pisgisg
Accusative pisg pisgisg
Dative pisgu pisgisgu
Ablative pisge pisgisge
Genitive pisga pisgisga
Causative and temative pisgose pisgisgose
Comitative and instrumental pisgom pisgisgom
Lative ana pisg ana pisgisg
Locative and temporary pisge pisgisge
Privative pisgas pisgisgas

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