Meg was the title that the Elysium founder, Sharr, gave to himself. When he made the Declaration Of Equality, it evolved into a pronoun that anyone could use to refer to himself or herself.


Meg (Regular) Countable = The pronoun is countable. Subjective = The pronoun is a subjective pronoun. Objective = The pronoun is an objective pronoun. Ergative = The pronoun is an ergative pronoun. Accusative = The pronoun is an accusative pronoun.

  1. (Intransitive Pro-noun)
  2. (Defective) = The verb dont have all conjugation
  3. (Auxilary) = its an auxiliary verb
  4. (Catenative) = It is catenative
  5. (Transitive) = The verb is transitive
  6. (Intransitive) = The verb is intransitive
  7. (Ditransitive) = The verb is ditransitive
  8. (X1 ,X2) = It is multiple depending on context where X1 and X2 (or X3, X4 and so on) are the different forms


  1. Eng: Def1, explain1
    Eng: Def2, explain2

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