Name Usage Description


Name Usage Description
ASS {{AddWord|template}} Creates a button on the page to add words using the template template
Template {{Tmpl}} Used for new templates
New Language {{NewLang}} Template for new languages
Word Suggestion {{SuggestWord|{{PAGENAME}}|username}} head for suggest page and made by username
Wiktionary {{Wiki|Def}} Used in definitions to link to wiktionary
ASS ASS/ACH Tells origin of a word
Translate FIRE Translate the english word of the topic into the word of the lang

Word TypeEdit

These describes what kind of word it is

Name Usage Description
Accpro {{Accpro}}
Auxilary {{Auxilary}}
Cardinal {{Cardinal}}
Comperable {{Comperable}}
Countable {{Countable}}
Defective {{Defective}}
Determiner {{Determiner}}
Ditransitive {{Ditransitive}}
Ergpro {{Ergpro}}
Inflected {{Inflected}}
Interrogative {{Interrogative}}
Intpro {{Intpro}}
Intransitive {{Intransitive}}
Not comperable {{Not comperable}}
Objpro {{Objpro}}
Subjpro {{Subjpro}}
Transitive {{Transitive}}
Uncountable {{Uncountable}}


Name Usage Description
Umbrean Nouns {{Um-Noun|gender}} Created declension table for noun matching the gender gender
Umbrean Verbs {{Um-Noun|verb}} Creates conjugation table for verb of type (ambi/ambitransitive, intr/intransitive, tran/transitive)
Umbrean Intransitive Verbs {{Um-Conj/Intransitive}} Creates intransitive conjugation table for verb
Umbrean Intransitive Verbs {{Um-Conj/Transitive}} Creates transitive conjugation table for verb
Umbrean Verb {{Um-Verb|Transitive Subject|Transitive direct|Transitive indirect|Intransitive Subject|Intransitive Indirect}} Tells the verbial purpose the subject, direct object and indirect object have in the verb
Add umbrean verb {{Um-AddVerb}} The template to create umbrean verbs
Add umbrean noun {{Um-AddNoun}} The template to add umbrean nouns
Add umbrean adjective {{Um-AddAdj}} The template to add umbrean adjectives
Umbrean Adjective Declension {{Um-Adj}} Adjective declension chart for word
Umbrean Postposition Inflection {{Um-Post}} Postpositional inflection chart for word


Name Usage Description
IPA {{IPA|text}} Turns SAMPA encoded text to IPA transcription
Arb {{Arb|text}} Used for getting Arabic letters by entering plain ASCII characters.
Cyr {{Cyr|text}} Used for getting Cyrillic ("Russian") letters by entering plain ASCII characters.
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