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illomi From ill (isle) + homi (human)

  1. Eng: Island dweller
    Special case: People living on Illte
  • Gender: common
  • Pronouns: mani or fami, depending on sexual gender, else hami
Case Nominative Accusative Genitive
Possessive Related Possessive and related
Singular Indefinite anillomi aunanillomi anillomill aunanillomill
Definite dillomi aundillomi dillomill aundillomill
Special Illomi aunIllomi Illomill aunIllomill
Plural Simple Indefinite cillomi aunzillomi cillomill aunzillomill
Definite dezillomi aundezillomi dezillomill aundezillomill
Numeric Indefinite #illomi aun#illomi #illomill aun#illomill
Definite ka#illomi aunka#illomi ka#illomill aunka#illomill
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