if you check out Föën of umbrean you´ll see it is entirely consistent of templates because they are capable to perform al the tasks requried while keeping the article clean and easily readable when modifications are required along with if there is a problem or modification to the style the templates fixes it instantly over all and helps keeping all words standarized

If you need help with the template creation ask the admin(s)


No tables directly in entries

They should be inside templates that automaticly generates most of them


keep categorisation clean and nice, usually only the Language and word type in the language, no more


if the style of the entry is bad, errors etc feel free to fix them, but if you feel spelling might be off or whatnot contact the owner of the lang first as it might just be an irregularity


Recomended Look is in Umbrean as it fullfills this standard

a nice noun should look like something like this in the code

       {{Countable}} {{infl|rg}} {{en-def|table|table typicly used in bars}}

at a bare minimum and will tell if the noun is regilar (rg) irregular (ir) highly irregular (hi), that in english it means a table (links to the word for it) and will tell more specificly it is for bars and that is countable. notice that the en-def shall contain defintions that narrows the meaning down to a specific one that you are after rather than its many meanings, use a new one where countble etc is used for new meanings. Be careful with this as otherwise it will cause confussion

I´ll show various ones to use for different part of speech, when "/" is inside a template it means one can choose either one of the alternatives and whats between <>s can be skipped

the ones below here are special and only need to be added once as input repeats, it always goes after the first word|meaning|word|meaning and so on



To achive shortcut privilige, the one where Add Word will give one the option of ones language, it need to contain atleast 100 words and owner must be regurarly Active