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This page allows you to create new Umbrean words with the appropriate layout for their type.
  1. Enter the new word in the correct box for the type of word you want to create.
  2. Click the "Create" button to the right of that box.
To create an word about a subject not covered by any of the layouts, select "Other".
Part of speech
Noun <createbox>

preload=Template:Create word/Umbrean/Noun width=40 </createbox>

Verb <createbox>

preload=Template:Create word/Umbrean/Verb width=40 </createbox>

Postposition <createbox>

preload=Template:Create word/Umbrean/Postposition width=40 </createbox>

Adjective <createbox>

preload=Template:Create word/Umbrean/Adjective width=40 </createbox>

Conjunction <createbox>

preload=Template:Create word/Umbrean/Conjunction width=40 </createbox>

Number <createbox>

preload=Template:Create word/Umbrean/Number width=40 </createbox>

Determiner <createbox>

preload=Template:Create word/Umbrean/Determiner width=40 </createbox>

Particle <createbox>

preload=Template:Create word/Umbrean/Particle width=40 </createbox>

Suffix <createbox>

preload=Template:Create word/Umbrean/Suffix prefix=- width=40 </createbox>

Umbrean words can be found here, it is currently containing 198

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  • Common verb differens
    • By own mean
    • By machine
    • By other creature
    • By magic
  • Metaphore system

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