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Bishling an artificial international auxiliary language. This is one of the languages ​​naturalistic. Bishling combines the vocabulary typical of the Romance languages ​​with a simple, regular grammar, which allows you to understand it by millions of people, especially the use of languages ​​such as Spanish, Italian and Romanian, but the rest of the Latin, and to a lesser extent in English. constructed international auxiliary language.[1]

Writing systemEditEdit


The Bishling alphabet is based on the Latin script , using a one-sound-one-letter principle.

ch like English "tʃ",

sh like English "ʃ"

gh/jh like English "ʐ"

lh like English "w"

ny like English "ɲ"

qu like English "ʃ"

y like English "y"

z like English "ts"

The 30-letter alphabet is:

a b c ch d e f g gh h i j jh k l lh m n ny o q p r s sh t u v y z

Useful phrases EditEdit

This language is used for reconciliation and mutual understanding of the Slavic and Romance languages.

Origin of Bishling:

Slavic languages ​​- 27%,

Romance languages ​​- 70.7%

the rest is 2% of the Celtic languages

Altaic languages ​​and other 0.3%

Below are listed some useful Bishling words and phrases along with IPA transcriptions:

IPA transcriptions:

English Bishling IPA
Hello Hey hey
Yes No no:
No Le ˈle
Good morning Debri dya ˈdebɾi dya
Good evening Debri vesper ˈdeb.ɾi ves.ˈpe.ɾ
Good night Debri nokt ˈdebɾi ˈnok.t
Goodbye Pa ˈpa:
What is your name? Keyku matay e aym? ˈkeyku: ma.tay e aym
My name is Marc May aym ye Mark. ˌmay aym ye ɯaɾk
How are you? Kak matay? ˈkak ma.tay
I am well. Io yem dobree. ˈYo yem dobɾi:
Do you speak Bishling? Chi paralatay Bishlinga? ˈtʃi paɾala.tay β iʃling
I don't understand you Io le kuma tay yo ˌle kuma. tay
All right Debr ˈdeb.ɾ
Okay Faynee ɱayn.i
Thank you Hvala ti ˈhvala ti
You're welcome Tay ye debriddire ˌθay yeˈdebɾidd.iɾe
Please Pless plez
Bless you Beliset! ˈbeli.set
Congratulations Gratul ɡɾatul
I love you Io ama ti yo ˈama ˌti
One beer, please Ed bir, pless ˈed biɾ, ˈplez
What is that? Quo ishto ye? ˈʃo iʃto ye
That is a dog Ishto ye pi ˈɪʃto ˌye ˈpi
Peace! Pass! ˈpaz
I am a beginner in Bishling. Io yem esepater e Bishling. Yo yem e.sepateɾ e β iʃling

Bishling DictionaryEdit

English Bishling IPA
i io [yo]
you tay tay
he hun hun
we noy noy
you vay vay
they hunis hunis
this ishto [ishto]
that she she
here iki iki
there tam tam
who qui [shi]
what quo [sho]
where ubi ubi
when quandi [shandi]
how keyku , kak , kom [keyku, ka:k ,kom]
not le le
all toti toti
many multum multum
some aliqu [alish]
few posi [pozi]
other oter oteɾ
one ed ed
two dua [dwa]
three tri tɾi
four quatre [shatɾe]
five cinqu [sinsh]

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