Old Elvish[]


(Pronunciation: [ɑmouɾentiːn])


From O.elvish amorentia (academic, scholarly),From amorentia (scholarly) + -in (noun transformation)


Amorentin (Regular)

  1. (Countable)

  1. Eng: Academy, school, place of learning
Singular Plural Notes
Nominative amorentin amorentinê
Genitive amorentinam amorentinêm
Accusative amorentinas amorentinês
Locative amorentinet amorentinât
Adessive ēdamorentin ēdamorentinê
Apudessive ëdamorentin ëdamorentinês
Inessive ënamorentin ënamorentinêt
Intrative ēnamorentin ēnamorentinât
Subessive ēsamorentin ēsamorentinë
Superessive ēramorentin ēramorentinëm
Elative ēmamorentin ēmamorentinï
Allative ētamorentin ētamorentinït
Illative ēpamorentin ēpamorentinïm
Perlative ādamorentin ādamorentinïs
Prosecutive ädamorentin ädamorentinïm
Contrative ïdamorentin ïdamorentinô against the academy
Conative ūsamorentin ūsamorentinôt with the academy
Inconative ödamorentin ödamorentinôn without the academy
Antitive āsamorentin āsamorentinôs in front of the academy
Abilative ōdamorentin ōdamorentinæ from the academy

This word has sometimes been seen to have used as "proper school training", which makes sense in the conative and inconative cases.